SURETY-CDD Implementation

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SURETY®-CDD Implementation

When you choose SURETY®-CDD, you are choosing the best KYC / CDD Solution available. Here are a few basics about the SURETY®-CDD implementation and delivery process.

System Requirements

The institution must have a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server or greater. It must have Microsoft SQL 2008R2 or greater. It must have Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Version 7 or greater. Please contact us if you have questions about these system requirements for our CDD software solution.

The server-space requirements and memory requirements are specific to the installation and to the firm that purchases our CDD/KYC-solution software. As a rule of thumb but with the understanding that this must be fine-tuned to each institution, prior to the implementation an institution should have available 100 GB per 1,000 customers and 16 GB of RAM per 1,000 customers.

There are additional distribution software packages that come with the SURETY -CDD solution that will be installed along with SURETY-CDD. AML Partners’ implementation staff will work closely with each customer to insure that all system requirements are in place and that our CDD/KYC software is successfully integrated into the institution’s IT environment. This includes hardware scoping and software integration with existing systems.

Implementation Schedule

We have implemented in as short as 10 days and as long as 90 days. It depends on the complexity of the organization and where its data lies. The average implementation of our KYC solution is right around 30 days. In addition to the technical implementation, AML Partners will work with an institution’s Compliance representative to complete the initial configuration and arrange training on the application.

Data Configuration Process

AML Partners will work with both functional and technical staff of the institution to locate and import all electronically stored data during the SURETY®-CDD implementation. Our goal for each of our purchasing institutions is to have all their current customers that have been accepted under their prior compliance program be accepted into SURETY®-CDD when the implementation is complete.

Risk Configuration Process

AML Partners’ implementation staff will work with the Risk and/or Compliance Department of the institution to model the institutional enterprise risk assessment into SURETY®-CDD so that all customers have a risk class within the SURETY environment.