Dynamic Case Manager for Better AML Compliance


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Dynamic Case Manager transforms AML case management

AML Partners’ Dynamic Case Manager is a Global BSA/AML ‘Suspicious Activity Alert’ Case Manager. Dynamic Case Manager (DCM) is the latest module to further enhance SURETY Eco, our end-to-end AML ecosystem that fully integrates KYC/CIP/CDD/EDD, Sanction/PEP/Adverse Media Screening, and Behavior/Transaction Monitoring with Subpoena-Search Screening for FinCEN 314a and similar.

DCM can work independently to workflow Suspicious Activity Alerts/Cases or work with ANY Transaction Monitoring (AML/CFT) system. DCM is fully integrated for customers already on SURETY Eco.

The stakes are high for AML Compliance. SURETY Eco with DCM will transform your efficiency and effectiveness as it puts an entire BSA/AML ecosystem and all its critical data at your fingertips.

  • Design your own Case Management Workflow
  • Design multiple steps involved in your Case Review process
  • Design permissions for users in the workflow
  • Assign users to workflow
  • Design screen pages, question text, and response types
  • Options include yes/no, textbox options, dropdown tables, file uploads, etc.
  • Design case-annotation text boxes
  • Design file-upload capability
  • Specify 30-, 60-, 90-day Case Reviews via email notifications
  • Trigger email notifications when Cases go un-reviewed for ‘n’ number of days
  • Design question triggers based on case characteristics
  • Import Cases from Transaction Monitoring System
  • Import Cases intraday or nightly/weekly/monthly
  • Import transaction details associated with Cases
  • Send RFI email requests to correspondent banks
  • Import RFI email responses received from correspondent banks
  • Associate imported RFI email responses with Cases
  • Design ad hoc queries
  • Design Dashboard charts and graphs using ad hoc query results
  • Generate automated SAR/CTR in FinCEN uploadable electronic format

AML Software Solutions for Peak Effectiveness and Efficiency

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to schedule a demonstration or to explore how SURETY Eco and the SURETY modules can transform the efficiency and effectiveness of your unique AML Compliance efforts. In addition to these robust Dynamic Case Management features, SURETY Eco includes fully integrated modules for CDD/KYC on-boarding, behavioral/transaction monitoring, and sanctions screening. And AML Partners simplifies your end-to-end fully integrated AML Compliance efforts even further with an optional Subpoena Search module for FinCEN 314a and similar subpoena searches.