AML Compliance: Comply on the Fly. Seriously.


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That was the only word that came to mind. It was 10 years ago, and I was on-site with an excellent compliance team working hard to make their clunky hard-coded AML system work—by exporting their data to Excel files, doing their own research, and then transferring that data back into their AML software. Seriously.

That unfortunate team was saddled with an old-fashioned multi-million dollar software albatross that quadrupled their workload, and at that time there was no alternative. I have never forgotten that experience—and I see it repeated in financial institutions to this day.

All these years later that memory still motivates me—and now my software-development team—to design and develop AML software solutions that Compliance professionals can customize with a few keystrokes.  We call it “Comply on the Fly,” and that’s the motto we design by.

For example, SURETY-CDD® is our bells-and-whistles customer due diligence (know-your-customer) solution that features customizable data collection, customizable risk models, customizable work flows, customizable labeling of collection diction, customizable automated account-opening forms, and so on.

Starting to get the idea? We at AML Partners deliver customization in every form we can imagine so that you can do your work better, faster, and smarter.

AML Partners wants to help facilitate your in-house best practices by providing in-house-customized software solutions for end-to-end AML Compliance. We want to help you work smarter rather than harder. We want you to laugh about the old days when you cobbled together manila folders and Excel spreadsheets—and we want you to marvel about these new days when you set up your AML software solutions from AML Partners and simply ‘comply on the fly.’ Seriously.

~By Frank Cummings, CEO of AML Partners