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KYC Solutions, CDD Solutions, OFAC Screening, Negative News Screening, Behavioral Monitoring, Risk Data Analysis–From the beginning of a client relationship to the end, AML Partners’ SURETY-Suite is your turnkey solution for  KYC (CDD) and comprehensive AML Compliance. With SURETY-Suite, Simply Comply.

Bound by AML-CTF regulations and an ever-growing sanctions environment, financial institutions often find themselves on the defensive even as they strive to develop client relationships and services. But with the right KYC-CDD solution and AML tools, financial institutions can be confident that their banking relationships comply with U.S. and international standards for AML/CTF.

AML Partners’ SURETY-Suite is the premier end-to-end software suite of KYC (CDD) solution, behavioral monitoring, and sanctions-screening tools–all in one integrated, customizable, and easy-to-use system.

Our KYC (CDD) solution SURETY-CDD® delivers a feature-packed, browser-based software solution to the ever-increasing challenges of BSA/AML Compliance. And it does everything in a single platform that integrates on-boarding workflow, risk assessment, a spectacular Question Management System, and integrated negative news and sanctions screening. With SURETY-CDD® as your KYC solution, you have a single, easy-to-use application–no separate risk tools or screening tasks. And we designed our KYC solution for easy in-house customization and comprehensive data collection and analysis. Our KYC solution makes manila folders obsolete and re-imagines efficiency and effectiveness in AML Compliance. For more details on our terrific KYC solution, see our SURETY-CDD® page.

SURETY-Suite also provides your solution to monitoring requirements with SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring. Use your customers’ transaction histories to monitor behaviors, and significantly reduce false positives by white-listing at the customer level. An optional 314a Module with fuzzy-logic screening makes your work even easier. Learn about more features of SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring to see how it will help you Simply Comply.

SURETY-Sanctions Screening is another integral part of the SURETY-Suite. Featuring true Fuzzy Logic screening, multiple algorithms and workflow options, and various configuration customizations, our sanctions screening tool lets you screen better and faster–and with fewer false positives. And SURETY-Sanctions Screening integrates fully with the other components of SURETY-Suite.

We invite potential customers to investigate other AML options and then contact us for a personalized demo of the suite or its components. We will show you why our KYC (CDD) solution, behavioral monitoring, and sanctions screening tools–all combined in the SURETY-Suite–are your institution’s solution to Core AML Compliance. Aren’t you ready to Simply Comply?