Ohio resident pleads guilty to money laundering


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A Pakistani man was in an Ohio federal court on Thursday, February 27, to plead guilty to a 135 count indictment. The charges include bribery and money laundering, and have been brought against Haider Zafar by the federal government.

According to the laundry list of charges, Zafar bilked a Washington businessman out of $10 million between 2008 and 2010. The charges leveled against him also include fraud against several Miami Heat players, including the team's former manager Mike Miller.

Zafar pleaded guilty after hearing testimony from an IRS agent that had evidence of his extravagant spending, including the purchase of an Aston-Martin for nearly $150,000 and a real estate investment fraud of $10 million in Zafar's home country.

Authorities would not publicly comment on the allegations brought against Zafar, but insiders have noted a possible plea deal on the table includes a readiness to help resolve a federal investigation in Florida. It is possible Zafar's case is connected, as the FBI branch in Miami assisted in the Ohio money laundering investigation against Zafar.

At his hearing on Thursday, Zafar pleaded guilty to dozens of charges, including money laundering, wire fraud and tax evasion. At his sentencing, Zafar will face many years in prison, though no date has yet to be set by the court or Zafar's attorneys.

According to testimony from IRS agents, Zafar was able to persuade his fraud victim to provide the $10 million to buy pieces of land which Zafar then resold to the government at a highly inflated rate. With the money he was making illegally, Zafar failed to file his federal taxes between 2007 and 2010. He owes the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, in addition to the money laundered.