Custom Software Development


Custom Software Development

Our custom software development center can support any of your technology solution needs. As experts in BSA/AML, high-stakes risk assessment, and workflow and process management, we understand how to transform your vision into specific software and technology solutions. We can integrate systems, extend systems, convert systems, or create something entirely new.

We are a Microsoft Shop working with ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL Database as our core, and we also support many other system and coding languages and RDMS as well. Our Development Management Team has a combined 70 years of experience delivering on time and on budget.

AML Partners uses the modified Stanford University Waterfall Approach to application development and product design. As part of that approach, our development workflow is as follows:

  •   Business design—This is the functional design and operation of the system
  •   Detail design—This is the layout of the functions of the system
  •   Code/test—AML Partners developers are required to conduct a unit test on functions they design for integration into the system.
  •   Quality Assurance—A separate quality-assurance department that does not report to development conducts end-to-end and regression testing of all functions and features within the system. No system is released without our QA management sign-off.That sign-off is an indication that the system functions as designed. This is an iterative process back and forth between QA and the development team.
  •  Management review and approval—No system update, upgrade, or bug fix may be released to a customer without approval at the vice president level or above. We stand by what we build.