InSuro Workflow Management & Risk Examples

InSuro Workflow Management & Risk Examples

InSuro is your ‘Everything App’ for your workflow, your processes, and your risk. In AML Partners’ many years of software development and consulting for the financial services industry, we discovered again and again what business leaders know from years of discouraging experience—enterprise software “solutions” for workflow, processes, and risk either didn’t exist or they existed as cookie-cutter products that created as much work as it saved.

As all banking institutions are required to validate all risk models used to determine risk within the institution, InSuro allows you to build your custom IT risk assessment, from documenting penetration tests to simply maintaining an inventory list. Insuro also lets you track your risk your way—and one risk models can feed another risk model that feeds other risk models to validate every piece of risk-relevant information. InSuro lets you configure your risk, your way.

Additional InSuro functional tasks can be custom fit to your needs for digitally managing and assessing your own enterprise’s workflows, processes, and risk:

Vendor Management

Imagine that your business uses various vendors to supply product inventory, to maintain your facility’s HVAC and infrastructure systems, to supply temporary workers during seasonal rushes, to subcontract IT maintenance, and so on. With InSuro, you use the Admin user role to set up your specific permission-based users, data-collection and document-upload forms specific to each vendor type, automated negative news and sanctions screening  for the individuals and vendor businesses you hire, and so on. Use your own language, your own data-collection requirements, your own document upload requirements, and your own vendor-risk assessment. Is vendor performance management especially important to you? Set up a vendor-ticketing system in InSuro where you can track their performance and rate your vendors.

Human Resources Management

Human resources are a day-in day-out challenge for virtually every business, and InSuro can help you meet that challenge. For HR users, InSuro is an on-boarding system for the people part of your organization. You may quickly and easily configure an HR on-boarding segment within your InSuro system. Include data collection customized to your organization, negative-news screening, document uploads that verify licensure or identification, document certifications and date-specific expiration/renewal requirements, running records of censure or commendation, email alerts for actions needed, and so on. With InSuro, you may create a comprehensive risk-assessing digitized employee on-boarding system tailored to your industry and your specific needs.

Special Projects/Workflows and Processes

Any workflow, any process, any task, any risk, any industry, any language, any time, anywhere. InSuro lets you transform your tracking, workflow, and risk systems into a digital form that not only stores your data your way, but analyzes according to your specifications.

To discuss how InSuro can work for your enterprise, contact us for a personalized discussion and demonstration.