InSuro Workflow and Risk Solution

InSuro Workflow and Risk Solution

InSuro is a new take on customizable risk assessments, workflow management, and process design. We call it our “Everything App”—InSuro functions as your personal app builder, your digital white board to create customized work flows, risk assessments, and processes. InSuro is your magic bullet: An enterprise tech tool that works the way you work rather than bending your ideas into a pre-fab box.

What are your departments? Your roles? Who are your users and what permissions should they have? What information do you want to collect and how? What Risk do you want to calculate? How does that Risk connect to other risks in your enterprise? Customize all those factors for your own business. With InSuro, you decide risk. You decide the workflow. You decide who sees what and who can add to the process or participate through read-only access. Your processes, your workflow, your way—all tracked and facilitated by a custom-style productivity tool with an off-the-shelf, ready-today price.

InSuro Features

  • All buttons and menus may be configured in any language
  • Email notification system alerts users to actions required
  • Risk models that feed risk models that feed risk models
  • Ad hoc queries customizable and savable by individual users
  • Integrated customizable and personalized dashboards
  • Instant visual feedback of your workflow progress
  • Automated screening for sanctions and negative news – you decide what.

Any workflow, any process, any task, any risk, any industry, any language, any time, anywhere. Contact us today to schedule an InSuro demonstration.