Exceptional AML Software Solutions

Fully integrated end-to-end KYC & AML software with no-code automation

RegTechONE users choose the AML software solutions that precisely meet their needs.

Clients can choose to implement all four AML software modules on RegTechONE to achieve a fully-integrated end-to-end AML software solution. Or they can choose to use any of the four modules in concert with their existing AML software. Modules include the following:  comprehensive KYC software; Behavior and Transaction Monitoring software; Sanctions Screening software that includes Adverse Media and PEPs; and FinCEN 314a Subpoena Search software.

Integrate AML modules for a complete AML software solution

The RegTechONE platform offers no-code AML software for every element of AML Compliance. Virtually unlimited configurability and integration options finally deliver full control to authorized end-users. Choose AML KYC software modules on the RegTechONE platform for your AML software solutions.

Country • HIDTA • HIFCA

Risk Data Service for Geographic Risk

AML Partners’ Risk Data Service (RDS) provides updated risk information to help users manage geographic risk. RIsk Data Service includes country risk, High Intensity Financial Crime Area (HIFCA) and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) risk data.

This illustration shows a digital-style version of a global map with the countries formed by arrays of tiny squares, sort of like pixels. The pale tiny squares that illustrated continents are on a darker blue background. It elicits a sense of abstract high-tech related to global locations and global reach. This image relates to content about the AML software and GRC software solutions of AML Partners and its RegTechONE platform for AML software.
Updated Quarterly • Format Flexible

Crucial Data for Geographic Risk

Manage Risk with the most current geographic-risk data. Risk Data Service helps users adjust quickly to mitigate risk as it changes from location to location in the U.S. and globally. AML Partners provides Risk Data Service updates quarterly and in flexible formats for affordable easy-to-use data for geographic risk.

Market Insight on RegTechONE™

Discover how new anti-FinCrime systems deliver new benefits

Are you seeking peak cost-efficiency, flexibility, and reduced time to market? Explore this Chartis Market Insight to discover how modular options on a holistic anti-FinCrime solution like RegTechONE provide new options—and new benefits.

The Power of Everything in AML Compliance & GRC–From eKYC Golden Records to Perpetual KYC

Tell us what you imagine, and we will help you achieve it. Because of its platform architecture, RegTechONE makes possible The Power of Everything.

Options include fully integrated AML Compliance software, eKYC Golden Records, Perpetual KYC, Digital Transformation and more. We strive to understand our clients’ needs, and then we help them configure their vision on RegTechONE. Exceptional and cost-effective GRC and AML software–unique to your institution–are within your reach. What can ONE do for you?

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