E-KYC Golden Records

Create eKYC Golden Records at central locale and share globally–no duplicated effort

Institutions with many branches leverage the RegTechONE platform to deliver accuracy and efficiency with eKYC Golden Records. Save time and money and improve your KYC CDD process across your enterprise.

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eKYC Golden Records: Achieve centralized control and immediate return on investment

Eliminate duplicated effort, increase accuracy of KYC CDD, and improve your customers’ onboarding experience with eKYC Golden Records on the RegTechONE platform.

Centralized Control

eKYC Golden Record facilitates full central control of onboarding processes and quality at institutions with multiple geolocations.

Onboard Once, Use Globally

Personnel in one location onboard all customers, and those records can be shared with authorized branches in any location.

Comply on the Fly–Any Jurisdiction

By simply configuring workflows, branch locations can add additional KYC collections specific to their jurisdiction and local needs.

Visible Return on Investment

eKYC Golden Records show immediate and substantial return on investment. Onboarding once at a central locale ends costly and problematic duplicated effort across the enterprise.

Transform your KYC CDD solution with eKYC Golden Records

Transform your KYC CDD solution with eKYC Golden Records

Contact us to learn how eKYC Golden Records on the RegTechONE platform can transform the cost and efficiency of your KYC CDD solution.

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“Mashreg has worked with AML Partners not only to develop a “1 KYC Golden Record” solution, but also an end-to-end workflow that enables customer onboarding, pe- riodic KYC updates, multiple stake-holder review, and electronic cus- tomer outreach for information and document collection. The entire workflow is digital, automated, and configurable using AML Partners’ no-code platform.”

Amith Rajan

Head Wholesale Digital, Data & Analytics

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