Perpetual KYC

Achieve next-level near-real time Perpetual KYC

Leverage Perpetual KYC on the RegTechONE platform to supercharge Risk Management and readiness for quick and effective periodic reviews. RegTechONE users simply configure workflows to align Perpetual KYC monitoring to their AML Compliance and GRC needs.

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Gain near-real time Risk intelligence with low-touch efficiency

Perpetual KYC on the RegTechONE platform automates and integrates the work of Periodic Review. Boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your AML Compliance Solution or KYC CDD solution with Perpetual KYC.

Perpetual Data Interface

Integrate near-real time data subscriptions into RegTechONE workflows, and let the platform’s Events and Actions Libraries monitor for concerning changes.

Perpetual Screening

Integrate screening data services that provide daily updates; RegTechONE will automatically ingest updates and compare changes to existing records with a full database scan.

Perpetual Risk Monitoring

Configure RegTechONE to automatically re-run a client’s Risk Rating when new risk-relevant data appears in the RegTechONE record.

No-code Configuration

Simply configure RegTechONE’s Perpetual KYC settings to your precise needs–no code, just configuration.

Learn how Perpetual KYC can elevate your KYC CDD and AML Compliance solutions

Learn how Perpetual KYC can elevate your KYC CDD and AML Compliance solutions

Schedule a call today to learn more about how Perpetual KYC and our AML Compliance and KYC CDD solutions on the RegTechONE platform can improve your Risk Management.

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Perpetual KYC: Powerful innovation to achieve near-real time Risk Management

Perpetual KYC has arrived, and we all are cheering. Not because it replaces the process of Periodic Review—it doesn’t. But Perpetual KYC can—and will—supercharge your Risk Management and your readiness for quick and effective Periodic Reviews.

Illustration showing a perpetual-seeming set of concentric circles in various shades of blue. The overlay text is "Perpetual KYC" and there is text on the side with a bulleted list of Data, Screening, and Risk Monitoring. There is also a logo for RegTechONE, a platform for KYC software and AML software.

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