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AML Partners specializes in no-code software solutions for AML/CTF, behavioral risk, and workflow processes powered by the RegTechONE platform.

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Achieve exceptional AML Compliance, KYC CDD, & GRC on RegTech platform

RegTechONE delivers complete fully-integrated AML Compliance  or stand-alone KYC CDD, Behavior Monitoring, Screening, and FinCEN 314a/subpoena search. Contact us today to describe your needs and arrange a Proof of Concept. We will demonstrate how RegTechONE delivers complete AML Compliance—in ways that work for You.

No-code Control

Create and evolve your AML Compliance workflows–on the fly–with no-code configurability.


RegTechONE leverages APIs to create a Network of Applications for all your RegTech tools

Whiteboard Architecture

Design your ideal system—your workflows, your Risk, your Everything

RegTechONE delivers exceptional AML Compliance solutions, GRC, and Risk Management to financial institutions of every type.

RegTechONE: The Power of Everything for any financial institution

Commercial Banks
Money Service / Remittance Businesses
Securities Firms
Fund Administrators
Law Firms / Trust Banks
Insurance Companies
Central Banks / Financial Intelligence Units
Vendor Managers

Our clients leverage RegTechONE’s extraordinary no-code configurability to design compliance solutions uniquely tailored to their specific needs. With RegTechONE, the platform is the solution.

Leverage RegTechONE for your complete GRC & AML solution

Create and edit workflows and KYC collections, configure Risk Ratings, align Event and Action Libraries to your Key Risk Indicators, enable Perpetual KYC or eKYC Golden Record. RegTechONE manifests your vision for AML Compliance and GRC.

No-code Configuration

Achieve exceptional automation via configuration and Comply on the Fly technology. When regulations change, end-users simply update workflows.

Choose Your Tools, Apps, & Data

RegTechONE integrates all your modern tools in ONE platform. Achieve a Network of Applications for exceptional automation and efficiency.

Leading-Edge Use Cases

Our platform architecture enables new options for optimal AML Compliance and GRC. Explore use cases like eKYC Golden Record and Perpetual KYC to learn more.

Innovate and optimize with eKYC Golden Record, Perpetual KYC, Hub-and-Spoke Control, and more

RegTechONE makes it possible to achieve your vision of ideal AML Compliance & GRC. RegTechONE lets users scale up or scale down based on need. Large institutions with many branches leverage eKYC Golden Records and Hub-and-Spoke options. And institutions of all sizes benefit from Perpetual KYC options that deliver near-real time Risk Monitoring. What can ONE do for you?

Client Lifecycle Management delivers platform workflows and Risk Management for every stage of CLM

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) on the RegTechONE platform offers robust lifecycle management. Users leverage workflows for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), onboarding, credit-risk analysis, and offboarding. The fully integrated workflows provide exceptional Risk Management, automation, accuracy, and efficiency in Client Lifecycle Management for financial institutions.

End-to-end Client Lifecycle Management System

CLM on the RegTechONE platform starts with CRM workflows specific to the sales process and ends with offboarding workflows that protect the institution from illicit activity at the end of the client relationship.

Exceptional Risk Management at Every Stage

The RegTechONE platform features powerhouse Risk tools that elevate Client Lifecycle Management results. CLM workflows on RegTechONE enable institutions to flag and monitor concerning Risk-relevant elements that require close attention.

RegTechONE Solutions

All-inclusive AML Compliance solutions on feature-packed platform

Automate and customize your AML Compliance and GRC with RegTechONE—Your Work, Your Way.

Know Your World due diligence for every element of the Legitimacy Lifecycle

Financial institutions achieve peak Risk Management with a Know Your World (KYW) approach to due diligence. With RegTechONE, end-users assess, monitor, and manage Risk specific to each category of the Legitimacy Lifecycle. Know Your World with RegTechONE.

No-code configuration for automated Risk Monitoring

Configure workflows to monitor and respond automatically to your Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators. RegTechONE makes possible automated monitoring according to end-users’ precise preferences for each KYW Risk category.

Near-real time Risk Monitoring

RegTechONE enables all the features of Perpetual KYC for continuous automated monitoring of Risk in your Legitimacy Lifecycle. With no-code configurability, end-users can edit their Know Your World workflows as needs and circumstances evolve.

Dynamic Case Management

RegTechONE offers fully integrated Dynamic Case Management. RegTechONE enables end-users to integrate 3rd-party tools and analytics in dynamic workflows. Integrate and automate on RegTechONE for exceptional case management.

What’s your vision for Digital Transformation?

What’s your vision for Digital Transformation?

Share with us what you want to accomplish. When we understand your vision, we can show you how RegTechONE can be your foundation for successful Digital Transformation.

Let’s Talk

Your foundation for full Digital Transformation

RegTechONE’s platform architecture delivers Digital Transformation for all your business processes. Through no-code configuration and platform functionality, RegTechONE integrates all disparate processes into a single business stream. Examples of some of the business processes our clients have included in their Digital Transformations include the following:

Design your ideal process, integrate your preferred tools, and leverage no-code configurability. RegTechONE aligns to your preferences. Analyze, streamline, and update your business processes to achieve your ideal Digital Transformation.

Mashreg has worked with AML Partners not only to develop a ‘1 KYC Golden Record’ solution, but also an end-to-end workflow that enables customer onboarding, periodic KYC updates, multiple stakeholder review, and electronic customer outreach for information and document collection. The entire workflow is digital, automated, and configurable using AML Partners’ no-code platform.

Amith Rajan

Head Wholesale Digital, Data & Analytics

Strategic partners in AML Compliance Solutions and GRC

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Start achieving more today.

We are so confident in the power of RegTechONE to transform your AML Compliance and GRC efforts that we will demonstrate it to you with a Proof of Concept. Contact us today to experience all the ways that RegTechONE is The Power of Everything.