Hub-and-Spoke Central Control

Choose hub-and-spoke for centralized control of GRC, KYC CDD, & AML solutions

RegTechONE provides institutions the option to control KYC CDD, AML Compliance, and GRC from a central location. Hub-and-spoke users achieve standardized, effective and efficient KYC CDD solutions, AML Compliance solutions, and GRC.

Strategic partners in AML Compliance Solutions and GRC

Achieve cohesive and coherent GRC and AML Compliance in all locations

With hub-and-spoke control on the RegTechONE platform, institutions with multiple locations can achieve standardized GRC and KYC/AML Compliance across the enterprise. And authorized users can monitor enterprise-wide efforts from a central location.

Enterprise-wide Coherence

Hub-and-spoke configurations offer peak standardized AML Compliance and GRC aligned with an enterprise’s risk-based approach.

Peak Efficiency

Hub-and-spoke configurations enable best use of AML and GRC resources and eliminate duplicate efforts across geolocations.

Enterprise-wide Accountability

Hub-and-spoke configurations enable home offices to increase accountability for adherence to Risk, Compliance, and GRC priorities. For example, the hub can set up dashboards that monitor the spokes for any Key Risk Indicators or Key Performance Indicators.

Flexibility for Jurisdictional Needs

RegTechONE enables both hub-and-spoke control along with crucial flexibility at the branch level. Branch users, for example, can configure and use workflows specific to jurisdictional requirements at their branch location, and hub users can monitor those site-specific workflows.

Central control for institutions with multiple locations

Central control for institutions with multiple locations

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Hub-and-spoke control finally enables enterprise-wide alignment of GRC and AML Compliance solutions

If you are hearing about hub-and-spoke centralized control for the first time, you’re in good company. Hub-and-spoke control represents a powerful new opportunity to achieve cohesive and fully coherent Governance, Risk, and Compliance for institutions with multiple locations.

This art is intended to illustrated the concept of hub-and-spoke centralized control for KYC and AML. Centralized control is made possible on the RegTechONE platform for AML software and KYC software. The art is in tones of blue, and it shows a server and gears in the center with spokes out to computers, servers, laptops, etc.

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