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Sanctions Screening

AML Partners designed SURETY-Sanctions Screening to deliver fewer false positives and better, faster results. This focus on efficiency and accuracy in a robust screening application resulted in SURETY-Sanctions Screening, a tool that is fully integrated with SURETY Eco, a suite of products for end-to-end BSA/AML Compliance.  We monitor Sanctions Lists every 15 minutes and provide both full lists and changes-only lists when changes are detected.

SURETY-Sanctions Screening is a true Fuzzy Logic System that is fully configurable from 100-percent match to as low as one-percent-probability match.  Users control this through an easy-to-use interface. The system allows for white listings by customer of any false positive down to the weak “also-known-as” level.  Changes-only scans ignore the white-listed system. The algorithms we use fully support international naming conventions.

SURETY-Sanctions Screening may be adopted as a stand-alone application or as part of SURETY Eco, our fully integrated BSA/AML ecosystem. SURETY Eco includes SURETY-CDD®, which is a feature-packed browser-based on-boarding application that produces comprehensive and fully digitized on-boarding records for customers; SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring, which provides transaction monitoring of customer, account, and transaction histories; and SURETY-Sanctions Screening, which is a robust screening application designed to deliver fewer false positives and better, faster results.

Main Features of SURETY-Sanctions Screening

  • True Fuzzy-­Logic Screening System
  • Use any combination of five algorithms for advanced Fuzzy Logic Screening
  • Algorithms include Soundex, Levenshtein Distance, and Jaro-Winkler along with two proprietary algorithms
  • Algorithms support international naming conventions
  • Proprietary algorithms specialize in identifying various attempts at deception such as concatenation
  • Automatic downloads of both sanctions and non-sanctions lists from OFAC
  • Provides option of turning off or on the scanning of “weak a.k.a.” from OFAC
  • Supports all major Sanctions lists including various subscription services
  • Supports screening of internal lists like employees and vendors
  • Significantly reduces false positives due to white listing at the customer level
  • Automatic 15‐minute updates available
  • Delta changes available every 15 minutes
  • Changes-­only lists and full lists provided when changes are detected
  • Configurable from 100-­percent match to as low as one-­percent-probability match
  • Various workflow configurations available
  • Fully integrated with the SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML Ecosystem