Sanctions Screening Software with Case Management

Sanctions Screening software: Sanctions, PEPs, & adverse media

Sanctions Screening software on RegTechONE screens for PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media. Users can also screen vendors and employees. And with robust whitelisting, de-duplication, and secondary screening, end-users greatly reduce the problem of false positives.

Our AML screening software also includes a specialized case-management workflow. The fully integrated case manager consolidates all available information into a single interface to quickly analyze and resolve any alerts. 

With Sanctions screening software on RegTechONE, users configure sensitivity settings and choose from multiple algorithms. Institutions can also screen against all relevant global sanctions lists, screen SWIFT messages at the field level, and integrate their preferred data subscriptions for automated ingesting and monitoring. Users may also leverage near-real time screening updates via the RegTechONE platform’s Perpetual KYC functionality.

This is abstract art in various shades of blue. It suggests high-tech. There is a visually networked field of lines and dots with some lines moving upwards vertically. The image suggests hi-tech and dynamic movement across a networked field. The image is shared on the website of AML Partners. AML Partners designs RegTech platform software, AML software, KYC software, and more AML Compliance solutions and GRC tools.

AML Screening software: Accuracy & efficiency with configurability and Machine Learning

Exceptionally Configurable

Choose what to screen and against which lists with our AML Screening software. Configure sensitivity settings. Choose algorithms. Choose data interfaces. Align screening to your precise requirements.

Robust Whitelisting

Users configure whitelisting specific to their AML screening needs and knowledge of their clients. Use whitelisting to greatly reduce false positives. Save time and resources that can be focused on true Risk.

Minimal False-positives

Secondary evaluation verifies other fields of data to dramatically reduce false-positives. Our AML Screening software leverages Machine Learning to achieve automated de-duplication.

This illustration shows thin pale blue lines on a darker blue background. The lines make a pattern that hints at a circuit board. The illustration elicits a sense of abstract high-tech related to computer circuitry and connectivity. This image relates to content about the AML software and GRC software solutions of AML Partners and its RegTechONE platform for AML software.

Holistic Screening Engine the key to peak AML Screening software

We engineered RegTechONE’s  Holistic Screening Engine (HSE) to take full advantage of platform technology. RegTechONE interfaces easily with Global Sanctions lists and your preferred data subscriptions. Users configure the HSE to ingest data and screen according to user requirements. Choose Sanctions Screening software on RegTechONE for peak AML screening software, minimal false positives, and fully integrated Dynamic Case Management.

Our AML Screening software delivers comprehensive, accurate results–with maximum automation. You, too, can achieve exceptional results with low-touch efficiency. Choose RegTechONE's Sanctions Screening software for PEP and Sanctions Screening, adverse media, vendor screening and more.

Institutions can screen customers, beneficial owners, signatories, board members, vendors, and employees. And the HSE elevates your levels of screening accuracy by context screening. Context screening compares names to addresses, countries, IDs, dates of birth, and so on. And with robust tools for reducing false positives and creating whitelists, financial institutions can save time and money–and focus on true Risk.

Exceptional Sanctions Screening software--and much more--for peak Risk Management

RegTechONE’s Sanctions Screening software delivers powerhouse options for a variety of screening tasks.

AML Partners: Trusted by financial institutions around the world

“Mashreg has worked with AML Partners not only to develop a “1 KYC Golden Record” solution, but also an end-to-end workflow that enables customer onboarding, pe- riodic KYC updates, multiple stake-holder review, and electronic cus- tomer outreach for information and document collection. The entire workflow is digital, automated, and configurable using AML Partners’ no-code platform.”

Amith Rajan

Head Wholesale Digital, Data & Analytics

Frequently asked questions

Are you curious yet what RegTechONE can do for you? Let’s talk. And to learn more here, check out these FAQs.

What’s the best KYC CDD solution for AML Compliance?

KYC CDD on the RegTechONE platform is your best solution. RegTechONE delivers an integrated Risk and on-boarding system. Many other CDD on-boarding solutions just have workflow and question-management features and require you to conduct the risk assessment outside of that system. RegTechONE  integrates four major components in a single KYC CDD solution:

  • Automated Customer Risk Assessment fully customizable to include as many unique risk models as the types of customers you have.
  • A cutting-edge Question Management System that allows you to trigger your own questions and customize your own collections, based upon Risk and any other characteristics of your customer.
  • An email-enabled workflow that will control the flow of customers through your process.
  • An automated screening process for negative news and sanctions integrated directly with your data subscriptions.
What key AML Compliance components are included in your KYC CDD solution?
  • Automated Customer Risk Assessment fully customizable to include as many unique risk models as the types of customers you have.
  • A cutting-edge Question Management System that allows you to trigger your own questions and customize your own collections, based upon Risk and any other characteristics of your customer.
  • An email-enabled workflow that will control the flow of customers through your process.
  • An automated screening process for negative news and sanctions integrated directly with your data subscriptions.
What other features does your RegTech platform include?

The RegTechONE platform delivers an exceptional KYC CDD solution along with many additional tools. With RegtechONE, you create a network of your banking and GRC applications and point them toward your ecosystem of permissioned data. And you can add your preferred AML Compliance and GRC tools via API connectivity. We also included many subsystems to create an elite user experience. These include periodic review, digital document storage, expiration notifications, automated nightly processing, Event and Action Libraries with Key Risk and Performance Indicators, and much more.

What user roles are included in the KYC CDD workflow for AML Compliance?

Because RegTechONE is a no-code platform designed to deliver custom workflows, users choose. RegTechONE includes many pre-configured roles, and we also show users how to configure custom permissions and roles that align precisely to their institution’s policies and preferences.

How do we update our KYC CDD solution and AML Compliance solution when regulations change?

RegTechONE leverages AML Partners’ proprietary Comply-on-the-Fly technology–specifically for ease of no-code customization and change. Authorized end-users can change risk models, KYC CDD questions or collection items, and various other features within seconds in order to adapt their RegTechONE on-boarding to new regulations or changes to their Compliance program. That is part of the reason we describe the RegTechONE platform as The Power of Everything in AML Complance solutions and KYC CDD solutions.

How do we customize our KYC CDD solution for AML Compliance?

No-code customization and extending capabilities via API are central to RegTechONE platform architecture–that’s why RegTechONE is The Power of Everything. We can demonstrate the many in-app customization features built into the RegTechONE platform–and we can provide a proof-of-concept specific to your challenges and vision. 

How much does your KYC CDD solution for AML Compliance cost?

Like most enterprise software, RegTechONE has a progressive pricing model. The smaller the organization, the lower the cost to implement this KYC CDD solution. We believe in offering a great product for a fair price. And because we prioritized no-code configurability and users can create their own apps on RegTechONE, institutions can minimize future design and development costs. For more details on our KYC CDD solution for your institution, contact us for more information and demonstrations.

What is the implementation process for your KYC CDD solution for AML Compliance?

Our preferred process is to do a Proof of Concept free of charge so that you can see what your world would look like in RegTechONE. We are so confident in RegTechONE and its ease of configuration that we can show you one of your workflows in RegTechONE. Because of our no-code configurability, we can implement much faster than our competitors. In addition to the technical implementation, AML Partners will work with an institution’s Compliance representative to complete the initial configuration and arrange training on the application.

How is training handled for new customers using the RegTechONE KYC CDD solution?

The RegTechONE project team provides customized training specific to each institution’s implementation and the various roles required.

How do I know that RegTechONE is the best KYC CDD solution for our institution?

We are so confident in the exceptional quality of RegTechONE for KYC CDD and AML Compliance that we offer proof of concept: We show you your world in RegTechONE. We encourage potential customers to investigate other KYC CDD solutions and AML Compliance solutions and then contact us for a personalized proof of concept. Comparing other options to RegTechONE will highlight why RegTechONE is the best KYC CDD solution available–for your needs today and for new regulations in the future.

Will this KYC CDD solution integrate with other AML Compliance modules?

RegTechONE delivers a risk-assessing on-boarding KYC CDD solution, and it integrates with ours or others’ transaction monitoring, behavior monitoring, screening (sanctions screening and more), and FinCEN 314a Subpoena Search. RegTechONE also offers a data repository for various reporting, for cross-marketing of products, for a detailed record of the on-boarding workflow, and more. RegTechONE also includes a screening option for vendors and employees. These and other systems can be integrated easily via API.

Integrate Sanctions Screening software with other modules for a complete AML Compliance Solution

In addition to AML Screening software, the RegTechONE platform offers no-code AML software for every element of AML Compliance. Virtually unlimited configurability and integration options finally deliver full control to authorized end-users. Choose KYC and AML software on the RegTechONE platform for your total AML Compliance software solution.