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Transaction Monitoring with SURETY-Behavior Monitoring

SURETY-Behavior Monitoring is an easy-to-use and highly configurable system for monitoring customer, account, and transaction histories. The system allows an unlimited number of rules to be added to the system, each of which supports an unlimited number of customizable parameters for fine-tuning.

Parameters can accept free text or allow multiple selections from an administrator-defined list of allowed items. Rules may be individually turned on or off as the need arises, and their schedule and number of days of history to search may be adjusted.

Cases generated from rules may be searched, reviewed, and annotated; also, the system supports automatic generation of SAR and CTR files for electronic filing.  Transaction field names and counter-party types may be renamed, and custom fields may be added to better fit your specific monitoring needs.

SURETY-Behavior Monitoring may be used as a stand-alone application or it may be used as part of SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML software ecosystem. SURETY Eco includes SURETY-CDD®, which is a feature-packed browser-based on-boarding application that produces comprehensive and fully digitized on-boarding records for customers; SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring, which provides for monitoring of customer, account, and transaction histories; and SURETY-Sanctions Screening, which is a robust screening application designed to deliver fewer false positives and better, faster results.

Features of SURETY-Behavior Monitoring with Optional Subpoena-Search/314a

Transaction monitoring and behavior monitoring of existing customers is central to a successful Core AML Program, and SURETY-Behavior Monitoring with optional Subpoena Search/314a Module covers every element of this requirement. Key features include the following:

  • Uses transaction history to monitor behaviors
  • Significantly reduces false positives due to white­‐listing at the customer level
  • Optional 314a Module with fuzzy­‐logic screening of names and fully encrypted workflow
  • Easy to use and highly configurable system
  • Supports any type of financial institution—banking, money­‐services businesses, etc.
  • Fully configurable parameter‐driven behaviors
  • Behaviors may be turned off or on individually as need arises
  • Individual behaviors have their own schedules set up by the institution
  • Cases generated from behaviors may be searched, reviewed, annotated, and/or approved
  • Application supports automatic generation of SAR and CTR files for electronic filing
  • Transaction field names and counter-­party types may be renamed and custom fields added
  • A true role-­based and risk‐based system with tunable permissions
  • Available as a stand-alone module or as part of SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML ecosystem