AML Partners
Solving challenges in AML Compliance and GRC

Designing solutions drives the work of AML Partners

AML Partners thrives on client success. We work to anticipate and understand our customers’ needs and challenges, and then we leverage innovation in AML Compliance solutions and GRC to design leading-edge solutions.

Trusted by leading financial institutions around the world

Trusted by leading financial institutions around the world

GRC and AML Compliance Solutions

We strive to lead in RegTech innovation and AML Compliance solutions

We think differently about AML Compliance Solutions and GRC. We build GRC and AML solutions based on knowledge gained from years of onsite AML Consulting, software development, and systems implementation. We want our clients to leverage the best that RegTech has to offer–without the pain points notorious in legacy options. When we deliver the best and most innovative RegTech solutions, our clients thrive. And we help hold the line against financial crime.

Committed to Client Success

Founder-driven Innovation and Service

Founding partners Frank Cummings and Jonathan Almeida continue to lead the company’s daily operations. Their many years working onsite with Chief Compliance Officers inspire them to this day. RegTechONE–the no-code platform solution–embodies their vision to deliver The Power of Everything in AML Compliance solutions and GRC.

Expertise with Insight

Decades of Onsite AML Experience

AML Partners’ leaders and associates possess extensive experience in BSA/AML Compliance, behavioral-risk mitigation in various sectors, financial-services technology and data systems, technical project management, workflow management and processes across industries, and software design and development. This real-world experience and expertise helps AML Partners innovate–with their clients and mission at the fore.

Serving Clients Around the World

Global Sales & Resources

AML Partners serves clients in many regions around the world. Headquartered in the eastern U.S., AML Partners has sales and support associates in various locations in the U.S. and abroad. And AML Partners leverages outstanding strategic partnerships and integration partnerships to deliver exceptional service and results to customers around the world.


Innovators in the Fight Against Financial Crime

Our Vision.

AML Partners strives to deliver exceptional and innovative GRC and AML Compliance solutions that help fight financial crime and help our clients succeed.

Our Mission.

AML Partners is a founder-driven firm that designs, develops, and delivers leading-edge RegTech solutions. Our GRC and AML Compliance solutions maximize end-user configurability, automation, and extensibility so that our clients achieve AML Compliance and GRC with peak effectiveness and efficiency.

Frank Cummings

Frank Cummings

Co-founder and CEO

Jonathan Almeida

Jonathan Almeida

Co-founder and COO

Daniel Cataldo

Daniel Cataldo

CFO and Partner

Brad Wojceshonek

Brad Wojceshonek

President and Partner


Leadership Insights

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Integrate modules for a complete AML Compliance solution

The RegTechONE platform offers no-code modules for every element of AML Compliance. Virtually unlimited configurability and integration options finally deliver full control to authorized end-users. Choose AML/KYC modules on the RegTechONE platform for your AML Compliance solution.