AML Client Lifecycle Management and Legitimacy Lifecycle

Elevate AML Client Lifecycle Management with powerful options to manage Risk

The RegTechONE platform delivers both Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Legitimacy Lifecycle management. And with no-code configuration, end-users can create their own lifecycle management workflows with access to all platform Risk tools and monitoring options.

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Know-Your-World Legitimacy Lifecycle includes full Client Lifecycle Management workflows

Lifecycle Management on RegTechONE makes possible total Know-Your-World due diligence–which includes four powerhouse workflows for comprehensive Client Lifecycle Management (CLM).

Fully Integrated CLM

RegTechONE features rich Customer Lifecycle Management with exceptional Risk tools. CLM workflows include CRM for the sales phase, onboarding, credit-risk analysis and legal review, and offboarding. And with no-code configuration, end-users adapt default CLM workflows as desired.

Know-Your-World Legitimacy Lifecycle

RegTechONE delivers not only traditional Client Lifecycle Management but also Legitimacy Lifecycle workflows to Know Your World. With Legitimacy Lifecycle workflows on RegTechONE, end-users manage and mitigate any human-initiated funds-transfer Risk.

Use One or Both–Or Create Your Own

Because RegTechONE is a no-code platform for workflow design, end-users can choose whether and how to use the CLM and Legitimacy Lifecycle workflows–or they can create their own unique to their needs. With RegTechONE, users choose and configure.

Advanced Risk Management

Lifecycle Management on the RegTechONE platform leverages the full array of Risk Management functionality built into the platform. Choose and configure advanced screening options, automated monitoring of Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators, dashboard tracking, Risk modeling, and more.

Know Your World with the Legitimacy Lifecycle

Know Your World with the Legitimacy Lifecycle

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