Vendor Management on RegTechONE

Create Know-Your-Vendor workflows to conduct full Vendor Management

With no-code configuration, end-users of RegTechONE create Know-Your-Vendor workflows that include vendor onboarding, Risk Management, and more–all aligned precisely to your Vendor Management policies.

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Use platform Risk tools for peak Vendor Management

Integrate your customized Vendor Management workflows on your ONE solution for AML Compliance and GRC. Use the RegTechONE platform tools to automate and monitor for Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators central to your Vendor Management. All Risk Management tools on the platform may be used for Vendor Management.

No-code Vendor Workflows

With the RegTechONE platform, end-users create and edit workflows that align precisely to their institution’s Vendor Management policies. Default workflows include full vendor onboarding, contracts, periodic reviews, and incidents.

Fully Integrated Risk Management

Vendor-Management workflows leverage the robust Risk Management features available on the RegTechONE platform. From scanning to dynamic question management to Key Risk and Performance Indicators, Vendor Management on RegTechONE delivers effective and efficient Risk Management.

Contract Management & Expiry

End-users can include in workflows contract management with automated notices of expiry. Automation options on RegTechONE elevate both the effectiveness and efficiency of Vendor Management.

Comprehensive Vendor Management

Configure options like electronic collection of information, including beneficial owners; screen all parties as needed;  manage contracts, relationships, and performance; schedule periodic reviews; track incidents; manage delivery; and more.

Choose RegTechONE for advanced Vendor Management

Choose RegTechONE for advanced Vendor Management

When you choose RegTechONE for your institution, you gain access to workflow creation and Risk Management for every need in your enterprise. Vendor Management on RegTechONE delivers excellent results with platform automation and efficiency.

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