Dynamic Case Management on RegTechONE

Integrate case-manager tools and analytics with drag-and-drop workflows

The RegTechONE platform delivers Dynamic Case Management that integrates 3rd-party tools and analytics in dynamic workflows. Integrate and automate on RegTechONE for exceptional case management.

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Streamline case research and resolution with integrated case manager

Take advantage of no-code workflow creation and automation in case management.

No-code Workflows & Integrations

Dynamic Case Management on RegTechONE enables end-users to create no-code workflows and  integrate preferred 3rd-party tools and analytics. End-users configure and control case management for accurate results and efficiency.

Automated Tasks

End-users can configure the platform to automate tasks like email management and the filling and electronic filing of SAR and CTR reports direct to FinCEN.

Reduced False Positives

RegTechONE functionality delivers exceptional remediation for false positives. With Dynamic Case Management, stop wasting time on false positives and focus resources on true Risk remediation.

Built-in Screening Options

Dynamic Case Management on RegTechONE includes built-in screening options. Users can screen for sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media.

Choose fully integrated Dynamic Case Management

Choose fully integrated Dynamic Case Management

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RegTechONE includes fully integrated Dynamic Case Management

With RegTechONE, Dynamic Case Management begins as soon as you log into the system and ends when you log off. RegTechONE is an AML Compliance solution and GRC tool with Dynamic Case Management in its digital DNA.

This art is for Dynamic Case Manager on the RegTechONE platform (AML software, KYC software, GRC software). The art shows a circle in the middle with the initials DCM. Around that big center circle are smaller circles with icons and related text. Examples of the related text include the following: Email management, Case review, upload docs, screen sanctions PEP and adverse media, SAR/CTR, and Request for information. These are features of the Dynamic Case Manager for KYC software and Transaction Monitoring software.

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