DigiPli and AML Partners join forces  to improve KYC/AML solutions for global financial institutions

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DigiPli to use AML Partners’ RegTechONE as engine for its AML/KYC Managed Services Utility

AML Partners and DigiPli recently entered into a strategic partnership. DigiPli, which is launching a hosted AML-as-a-Service managed utility to support smaller to mid-size financial institutions, will use AML Partners’ RegTech and AML software applications to power its solution.

AML Partners’ RegTech One platform provides a new and extraordinarily powerful approach for financial institutions to meet their Compliance and AML obligations. By facilitating the creation of a Network of Applications and an Ecosystem of Permissioned Data, RegTech One’s multiple applications can be deployed in an integrated manner across a variety of use cases.

DigiPli will leverage RegTech One’s and SURETY Eco’s KYC/CDD, Behavioral (Transaction) Monitoring, Sanctions Screening and FinCEN 314a functionality in its cloud-based utility, to create an end-to-end AML/KYC system and managed services solution for financial institutions. Plus, by combining economies of scale, a cloud-based delivery model, and RegTech One’s state-of-the-art technology and modular-design approach, DigiPli can deliver significant quality, cost and efficiency benefits compared to the traditional KYC/AML architecture.

Jeff Horvath, CEO of DigiPli, explains that the rapid advances in technology, coupled with the drastic increase in cybercrime, requires financial institutions to re-think how they’ve historically been meeting thier AML/KYC obligations.  “Firms can’t survive in the current regulatory environment if they’re approaching AML/KYC compliance the same way they did five or ten years ago. By deploying AML Parters’ cutting-edge technology solutions through a cloud-based, managed services utility, DigiPli can help firms quickly and efficiently transform their AML/KYC infrastructure to meet tomorrow’s demands. We’re looking forward to working with AML Partners to usher in a new paradigm for AML/KYC compliance”

Frank Cummings, CEO of AML Partners, agrees and describes the benefits of this strategic partnership to institutions for whom KYC/AML is a never-ending concern: “DigiPli has chosen our software as best in breed to support their managed utility in joining the fight against global financial crimes,” Cummings said. “Financial institutions face intense pressure to get AML Compliance right—and DigiPli is a great asset to its clients’ efforts. We look forward to AML Partners’ software solutions being another powerful asset that DigiPli uses to support its clients’ success.”


About DigiPli

DigiPli is a professional services firm that assists financial institutions in designing and optimizing compliance and AML programs, streamlining or automating manual or labor-intensive compliance and AML tasks and processes, and identifying and helping deploy best-in-class technology solutions. DigiPli will officially launch its AML-as-a-Service utility, powered by AML Partners’ technology, in early 2020.

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