SURETY-CDD® 3.0: On-boarding on Steroids

You asked, we delivered! Dynamic workflows, drill-down permissioning, dynamic ad hoc querying, dynamic language labeling, dynamic user interfaces. In a word: DYNAMIC. And it’s available today to anchor your BSA/AML Compliance  efforts.

SURETY-CDD® Version 3.0 is our best software yet. It delivers a stratospheric leap in dynamic customizability and user experience, and it represents a game change in Customer Due Diligence and Know-Your-Customer on-boarding. Now, in addition to even better ‘Comply on the Fly’ customizability, Compliance Professionals in AML/CTF can customize their user experience.

 SURETY-CDD® v.3.0 features the following innovations:

  • ~Dynamic workflow—Customize the on-boarding workflow to match your existing processes. Add or delete items in SURETY’s default workflow.
  • ~Set permissions at the field level—or retain the default permissioning by role or anything in between. You decide.
  • ~Dynamic Question Management System (QMS)—Provides for even greater customization of your CDD collection customer by customer. There is nothing like it elsewhere in the industry.
  • ~Ad Hoc Dynamic Query—On-demand querying. Produce a report, a dashboard item, or a triggered question any time you want–simply by querying the data on demand.
  • ~Customize language labeling! Supports multiple languages in order to improve user experience and flexibility within an institution.
  • ~Customize individual users’ landing pages—Add a customized dashboard—or not. Go from log-in straight to queues—or not.

AML Partners CEO Frank Cummings raves about the work of his team in delivering SURETY-CDD® 3.0, and he describes the conceptual leap in this new release as unrivaled in its agility, customizability, and attention to user experience. He notes the press of new requirements and the expectation of more processes such as credit risk, legal review, and compliance review.

“SURETY-CDD 3.0 allows you to change the workflow to add these functions at will—or any other function, at will,” Cummings said. This is ‘Comply on the Fly’ at the ultimate level. We have built our reputation on putting the power of Compliance customization in the hands of each customer. SURETY 3.0 is our biggest advance yet in delivering on that mission, and we are so excited to get it out to our customers.”

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