Alliance boosts AML/CFT Compliance support, resources


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Alliance extends AML/CFT Compliance support in EMEA and APAC

The global stakes and complexities in AML/CFT Compliance and Business Process Management require global resources. To meet this challenge, AML Partners, Howland Assures, and Compliance Register Consulting (“CRC”) announce a powerful strategic alliance to offer their customers in the EMEA and APAC regions the best AML/CFT and BPM software solutions and support. Howland Assures is a business partner of CRC and its founder David Howland is the Business Development Director of CRC.

“We are very excited about this alliance and what it means for our customers,” said Jonathan Almeida, AML Partners’ Director of Business Development.

“AML Partners designs and develops software solutions that invite users to customize to the nth degree—imagine your unique business processes and core compliance digitized for peak effectiveness and efficiency,” Almeida said. “And the London-based teams at Compliance Register Consulting possess the expertise in risk mitigation, core compliance, and Business Process Management to integrate these software solutions into their clients’ unique paths to success.”

David Howland, Business Development Director at Compliance Register Consulting, notes that CRC and its sister companies provide worldwide support and expert consulting related to regulatory compliance, financial crime, sanctions, AML, anti-bribery and corruption, conduct risk, and solvency issues.

Ben Goh, CEO of Compliance Register Consulting, said, “This strategic agreement comes at a time of increasing complexity and risk in terms of financial crime compliance. Many firms face huge challenges including high costs in trying to meet regulatory requirements. This strategic agreement brings together the cutting-edge technologies of AML Partners with the compliance expertise of CRC. It provides a unique and highly effective combination that will help firms to comply with regulatory requirements without excessive cost.”

AML Partners CEO Frank Cummings agreed. “Combining our shared expertise in Compliance and in IT solutions and systems will help us provide even stronger solutions and support to our customers,” Cummings said. “This strategic alliance speaks to the global nature of AML/CFT Compliance and the importance of global solutions. Together, together AML Partners and CRC can boost both the effectiveness and efficiency of institutions striving to achieve Compliance in a very complex and fast-changing environment.”

AML Partners, which is headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire (USA), also has locations in New York, Miami, the Caribbean, and Canada.


AML Compliance for An Evolving World

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