Global KYC: A Cost Center or Profit Opportunity?


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Solutions to the challenge of global KYC

For institutions wrestling with the challenges of global KYC, RegTech solutions and strategic planning can now turn an expensive headache into profit opportunities.

The ACAMS New York Chapter will present a free webinar titled “Global KYC: Cost center or profit opportunity?” on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 5:30 p.m. EST.


Overcoming the demands associated with the changing KYC landscape globally is daunting. How can a global financial institution best address streamlining and centralizing KYC program requirements across the disparate global regulatory regimes? Our panelists have had success in creating processes and adopting technology that work well for global financial institutions. Learn how to create efficiencies, reduce cost, improve customer experience and how leveraging compliance processes can increase your bottom line.

Throughout this webinar, we will be providing practical tips around how to use technology and the wealth of data within your institution to address KYC compliance on a global scale, and how compliance can be a potential profit center when done right.

Key topics: global regulation, CDD, KYC, onboarding, and ongoing monitoring.


Susan White, Executive Board Member, ACAMS New York Chapter

Panel includes:

Frank Cummings, Chief Executive Officer, AML Partners LLC

Jim Richards, Founder and Principal, RegTech Consulting LLC

Patricia Sullivan, Global Head of Financial Crime and Compliance Business Control & Oversight, Deutsche Bank

Ashfaq Zaman, Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Mashreq

To register, follow this link. 


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AML Compliance Platform–A smart solution to the challenge of global KYC

AML Partners designed its RegTechONE platform for AML Compliance, GRC, KYC CDD, and so much. With RegTechONE, financial institutions can choose a hub-and-spoke model with global KYC at a central location that is shared with all branches anywhere in the world. The RegTechONE platform for AML Compliance offers No-Code configurations to future-proof your AML Compliance, KYC CDD, and every additional GRC need. RegTechONE puts front-end users in control of their AML Compliance technology. Compliance experts control their processes, their workflows, their question collections, their permissions, their risk ratings and screening sensitivities–and so much more. Compliance-platform technology delivers total No-code control to the AML Compliance experts in each institutions. To learn more about how AML Partners and RegTechONE can solve your Compliance challenges, contact us today. We would love to learn about your needs and prove to you how RegTechONE meets and exceeds them.