HSBC saga shows challenge of walking in two worlds


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No doubt everyone in the Compliance field in financial services has been following the HSBC saga closely. In the latest news, the U.S. Department of Justice announced last week that while HSBC had made progress in cleaning up its compliance laxities, there still existed a corporate culture resistant to Compliance. Moreover, their firm-wide Compliance technologies were fragmented and insufficient to the task.

We at AML Partners hear that a lot. Compliance professionals walk in two worlds simultaneously: the world of complex regulations and auditors and the world of their business-driven institutions. And being overly accommodating to one world sometimes means a lot of hassle in the other world.

AML Partners has been helping Compliance Professionals navigate those two worlds for more than a decade. We cut our teeth on on-site consulting in Core Compliance and technology systems, and then we transformed that expertise into end-to-end software solutions that help Compliance Professionals move more easily in both worlds.

Here’s how: Our ‘Legitimacy Lifecycle’ provides the theory of action for end-to-end Compliance during the lifecycle of a customer account—from on-boarding to maintenance to off-boarding there is a clear, coherent, and simple plan to achieve AML/CTF compliance without unnecessary involvement.

With that theory of action providing the foundation for Core Compliance, our comprehensive technology tools turn theory into practice. Our SURETY-Suite includes your end-to-end anti-money laundering software solution: CDD/KYC on-boarding, Behavioral Monitoring with optional 314a module, and robust Sanctions Screening with negative news. We also offer a Risk Data Service for HIDTA and HIFCA risk, and we provide comprehensive installation, implementation, and training services.

In short, we get it. Like HSBC and every other financial institution, you need end-to-end tech-powered AML/CTF Compliance and you need to achieve that as a part of your institution’s larger business interests. With the foundational logic of the Legitimacy Lifecycle and the real-world solution of SURETY-Suite and related tools, you have the power to achieve Compliance at a reasonable cost, with easy-to-use software that you customize in-house, that all works together, and that is easy to match to your institution’s business goals.

At AML Partners, Compliance Professionals are our people, and we thrive on being part of their success—both with auditors and with their colleagues throughout their institutions.


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