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SURETY CDD for CDD/KYC Onboarding in AML Compliance

SURETY-CDD®: KYC-CDD Software Solution

SURETY-CDD® delivers a feature-packed KYC/CDD software solution to the ever-increasing challenges of BSA/AML Compliance. Designed specifically for easy in-house customization and comprehensive digital KYC/CDD data collection and analysis, this KYC on-boarding solution makes manila folders obsolete and re-imagines efficiency and effectiveness in AML Compliance for financial institutions of all kinds. And with dynamic workflows, dynamic Risk Modeling, and a dynamic Question Management System, SURETY-CDD® delivers a “Your Work Your Way” solution unlike anything else in the field.

For AML Partners, our SURETY-CDD® software solution represents our collective careers reviewing hundreds of examination cycles from international banks doing business in the United States.  Compliance actions to accommodate every AML law or rule may be easily configured into our SURETY-CDD® solution—in-house, on the fly, on the spot. In short, this is exactly the KYC/CDD onboarding  solution that we would want if we were employed as Compliance Officers committed both to efficiency and effectiveness.

SURETY-CDD® is available as a stand-alone CDD/KYC software solution. And for users seeking a single, integrated BSA/AML solution,  SURETY-CDD® anchors SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML software ecosystem. Users of SURETY Eco may instantly access the Cross-Module Query System in order to search and analyze data collected across all base modules: SURETY-CDD®, SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring, and SURETY-Sanctions Screening.


Examples of Premium Features of SURETY-CDD®


Dynamic Risk

SURETY-CDD®’s risk-processing engine is fully integrated with the onboarding process.  You may create as many risk models as you have Customer Types. The entire risk-evaluation process is fully controlled by Compliance and is seamlessly integrated into your KYC/CDD/EDD collection.  The ability to create distinct risk models for each customer type allows for the most finely-grained risk-assessment process available.  Moreover, risk is recalculated every time you save any new information in any customer file, and authorized users may recalculate all customers directly from the Compliance Menu.  And because this is a Compliance-controlled application, only a Compliance user may modify risk-calculation elements and request risk recalculations separate from automated recalculations that occur when a file is saved.


Complete KYC Data Collection, Organization, and Storage

Using an easy graphic interface, this tool facilitates every element of KYC data collection, automatic assessment of risk, and collected-data storage, organization, and retrieval. Imagine this CDD software solution as your best, most-complete, most customer-specific, most-carefully-assembled KYC manila folder—and then imagine that folder and every other bulging KYC manila folder all transformed into a secure digital file stored on a server and accessed, updated, or analyzed at any moment. That, in a nutshell, is the core of SURETY-CDD® and illustrates our approach to KYC/CDD software solutions.

Dynamic Question Collection

The dynamic Question Management System of our KYC/CDD solution allows Compliance users to create and trigger questions based on any customer element collected.  As you collect information on your customer, the dynamic Question Management System validates each field that is collected and will present additional questions that you have configured to trigger based on values you determine.  The system facilitates yes/no questions, single- or multiple-line text boxes, dropdown selections, file uploads, calendar dates, and expire-on details for uploads. All types of questions may be triggered by Risk, Customer Type, Product Type, Services, or answers provided to other questions.  Additionally, nested questions may go two levels deep.  This system flexibility will make it seem that every customer has its own unique collection. Product demos will provide further illustration and details of this remarkable question-management system.


Dynamic Workflows

SURETY-CDD® features the extraordinary flexibility of dynamic workflows with user-based permissions so that you may configure the software to conform to your work your way. Implementation of SURETY-CDD® includes support in configuring the workflow to match your existing processes. You will also learn how to edit your workflow if your needs change.


“Comply-On-The-Fly” Technology

SURETY-CDD® allows you to enhance or adapt your KYC/CDD/EDD collection in seconds.  Should an auditor recommend you add a field, change your risk model, or even override your risk model, you may complete this action in seconds while they wait. You now may truly “comply on the fly.”

Email-enabled Workflow

No need to have SURETY up and running to know when you have an important CDD task due; users in the workflow receive emails when they need to take an action.  Specifically, the email-enabled workflow will send you an email when someone has forwarded a customer file to you for review or actions.  Documents that have been set up with an expires-on notation will also cause an email to be sent to the relevant user in order that a current document may be uploaded to the digital record.


Full Content Management

SURETY-CDD® stores all your document uploads right on the SURETY Server, and they may be opened and viewed within the SURETY interface.  SURETY also provides a consolidated view of all a customer’s uploaded documents available right on the menu bar so that users do not need to hunt through tabs to find various uploaded files.

Integrated Watch List and Negative-News Screening

SURETY integrates fully with World-Check, Acuity, and other services to automatically screen all Primary and Related Parties and to store the screening results within the SURETY database.  SURETY may also be used to screen your vendors and employees. Re-screening may occur on-demand or during the automated periodic review based on Risk.


Audit/Examiner Control Center

To simplify, expedite, and better manage examiner access to customer files in our CDD software solution, SURETY includes read-only auditor/examiner access of Compliance-designated files, and it includes an automated digital file of Working Papers configured exclusively by your Compliance Officer.

Audits to Track All Changes

Customer-file audits capture every keystroke users enter on any customer file—all additions, changes (both previous and current values), and deletions are recorded and are viewable in a report that includes the changes, the user responsible, and the date/time stamp, all of which are viewable by Quality Assurance, Compliance, and Administrative personnel.

Security Audits to Track System Changes

System audits capture all changes to the system configuration and all internal execution of programs by user and with a date/time stamp.