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What’s Your KYC/CDD Challenge?

Here’s the AML Partners Solution!

Jamming—File cabinets jammed with folders jammed with paper that are perfectly maintained until the night before examination, when a gremlin comes out and steels the most important ones, of course. Fully digitized KYC solution that includes file uploads and comprehensive digital content management—no more manila folders or gremlins
Too many software tools and too many homegrown stitched-together sometimes-works not-even-remotely-integrated needs-serious-TLC software ‘systems’ We have totally integrated Risk, QMS, Workflow, and Screenings—one tool, one total KYC solution. Seriously. This is SURETY-CDD. No TLC required.
Evolving Risk needs due to changing regulations and evolving compliance programs Comply on the Fly: Log in, edit questions or collections, adjust risk models, override risk—make changes yourself in minutes.
The headache of keeping everyone on track and in the loop for complex and high stakes on-boarding processes Our digitized KYC workflow gives user roles and appropriate permissions to every participant in the on-boarding process so that the right user does the right work before advancing a customer file.
Communication about where a customer record is in the on-boarding process often breaks down. Our KYC solution makes communication a breeze. When a customer record is advanced to the next stage in the workflow, the next user receives an email notification. And users may view a digital record to see what has been done and when. And to make it even better, there are fully detailed management reports easily accessible within SURETY. And by the way, you can add your own reports.
It’s so hard to keep track of when we need to update things like PATRIOT Act certifications. With SURETY-CDD, you can choose to set an expiration date on any uploaded document, and SURETY will remind you to get a new one with plenty of time to spare.
Same problem–Staying on top of all the periodic reviews creates major headaches and spreadsheet hassles. Dump the spreadsheets. Our CDD solution includes fully configurable email notifications reminding users that periodic reviews are due. These email notices escalate as the deadline for review nears. Not only that, there is a special periodic-review queue that is displayed to Relationship Managers for their customers with periodic review due. All of this is controlled by the Compliance user.
Our existing patchwork system makes it hard work to keep track of all the sanctions screenings and negative news. You have to see our screening integration to appreciate it. It’s fully automated with World Check and World Compliance/Accuity.
It’s exhausting to figure out how to individualize collection for our wide variety of customer types. No worries. We will help you complete a detailed configuration of the QMS and risk models at the time of installation. SURETY will let you set up questions based on any characteristic of any customer.  How far you go with customization is entirely up to you. And better yet, you can update the questions, collections, and risk models whenever you want.
Sometimes we need to override risk.  It’s so important to keep track of all of that. SURETY eats Risk’s lunch. Seriously. You have to talk to us about this—we have six levels of risk in our “multi-dimensional risk processing system.”
Working with auditors and examiners can feel like a lot of pressure, and it’s a nightmare to pull together all the records they need to see. NO worries. From First Day Letter to automated Working Papers, we have you covered. Our CDD solution was built with examiners in mind. Just create a read-only user log-in for the auditor or examiner. Then a Compliance user can assign read-only access of just the requested records. And to make it even better: Compliance users can create and share a ZIP file of working papers on the requested records.
What’s your challenge? We have—or will create—a solution for you.