RegTechONE named Best Client On-boarding Solution by RegTech Insight

AML platform technology delivers exceptional CDD KYC onboarding experience, Risk management

AML Partners’ RegTechONE won ‘Best Client On-Boarding Solution’ at the RegTech Insight awards last night in New York.

RegTechONE, a GRC and AML Compliance platform, features comprehensive CDD KYC onboarding software. And because of the innovative regtech-platform architecture, its KYC solution integrates and automates a range of KYC priorities.

AML Partners CEO Frank Cummings said the company is especially proud of this recognition for its CDD KYC software

“We take great pride in creating KYC CDD onboarding solutions,” he said. “We were inspired to transform KYC onboarding after working for years with institutions wrestling with paper-based KYC collections. The KYC solution on RegTechONE has everything to onboard successfully and mitigate Risk during onboarding. It’s peak innovation in KYC CDD.”

Art shows logos of AML Partners and RegTechONE. RegTechONE platform for AML Compliance software, KYC software, GRC software, Risk Management.

RegTechONE software for AML Compliance includes fully integrated modules for CDD KYC software for on-boardingbehavior and transaction monitoring software, and sanctions screening software for comprehensive AML screening.

Cummings said that one of the things clients love about KYC onboarding on RegTechONE is the ability to configure without any coding. “We worked to achieve a truly no-code solution for KYC onboarding,” he said. “Chief Compliance Officers should be in full control of their solutions, and they have that in RegTechONE.”

No-code configurability and platform integrations mean that AML Compliance professionals can finally comply on the fly–no programming needed.

“With our no-code platform, users can update their institution’s KYC solution to meet changing regulations and evolving needs for exceptional Risk Management,” Cummings said. “And we built in high-value high-efficiency tools like a registry for principles and related parties.”

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