Jaw-dropping RegTech platform: Build your own apps, your own workflows, your own everything


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RegTech One platform for RegTech Applications--The Power of Everything in a Tech Platform

No-code RegTech platform–Yes, it’s literally jaw-dropping

“Really?! You just did that?!!!”

That is a frequent reaction from prospective users when we demonstrate RegTech OneTM, our extraordinary platform for virtually every RegTech need.

The platform’s no-code configurability and blank-slate agility is jaw-dropping for customers who for years have been buried in the money-sucking quicksand of legacy tools that require back-end custom coding for every little change.

The RegTech One platform provides a polar-opposite experience. Users—yes, USERS—create, select, and/or configure in real time at their own workstations whatever processes, workflows, or tools they need.

A perfect example is the user’s ability to create crucial ID processing in minutes. With RegTech One, a user simply configures a process on RegTech One that a) facilitates the upload of a government ID card, b) authorizes the secure transmission of the card image to a service that parses the ID to determine whether it’s a genuine government-issued ID, and c) autofills the ID information in relevant fields of the customer’s record.

And if you’d like to take the identify confirmation a step further, simply use the ground-truth SysFi.IDTM tool that is already available on RegTech One.

AML Partners’ RegTech OneTM RegTech platform is The Power of EverythingTM. That is literally our trademarked description of RegTech One—and it is what is extraordinary about this platform. With RegTech One, you design your perfect business process. The Power of Everything means that operationalizing your perfect process in RegTech One is just configuration—no coding required.

If you’d like your own jaw-dropping ‘really?!-you-just-did-that?!’ moment, call us today to schedule a demonstration.


Art showing the MITRE Challenge finalist plaque and the logos for RegTech One and SysFi.ID

RegTech OneTM: The API-based, Risk-centric platform for RegTech

RegTech One is the all-in-one platform for RegTech applications. In addition to hosting all the processes of SysFi.ID, RegTech One provides for users a tech platform on which to stage and interconnect their existing systems. And because it’s a platform built specifically to facilitate Governance, Risk, and Compliance across an enterprise, it’s a platform loaded with Risk-revelant tools, oversight, analysis, and reporting features. With RegTech One, users create from their existing software tools a Network of Applications, and from this network there emerges an Ecosystem of Data—from across the enterprise and facilitated by RegTech One. With RegTech One facilitating this Network of Applications and Ecosystem of Data, users then leverage platform features like the Action and Event Libraries, the automated email notification systems triggered by the Action Library, the Dynamic Risk Engine, and the Holistic Screening and Matching Engine, to name just a few Risk-relevant features. And because the RegTech One platform is API-based, users choose their apps, their configurations, their notifications, their data sharing and management, and so much more in ways that precisely support their own specific needs for horizontal governance.RegTech One, in its capacity to facilitate horizontal GRC unique to each user, offers an extraordinary shift in how enterprise users can maximize revenue while also minimizing Risk and achieving Compliance. Contact us today to learn more about RegTech One.