Proof of Concept in RegTech, KYC/AML


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Art for Proof of Concept in AML/KYC and GRC--Art shows a maze with a path outside the edge of the maze (i.e. Skip the maze with Proof of Concept)

Proof of Concept: With RegTech solutions, seeing is believing

By Jonathan Almeida, Global Head of Sales

“Choice overload” is something many of us confront every day—too many choices of toothpaste or detergent or even RegTech solutions– with too little sense of what differentiates each option. Proof of Concept testing is AML Partners’ antidote to “choice overload.” And it is also an opportunity for us to build trust with our prospective customers.

In years prior, providing Proof of Concept (POC) was logistically and financially impossible for RegTech vendors. But with advances in No-Code and platform technologies, delivering a POC to potential customers just requires an understanding of an institution’s needs and pain points and then some quick configuration work to align our RegTech solutions—true solutions– to those precise needs.

With a No-Code platform, we can demonstrate what your own workflows and processes look like in our own solution, RegTech ONE. With a Proof of Concept, you gain an actual view into your world if you were to deploy RegTech ONE. It’s a bit like if you could try every tube of toothpaste while you were standing in the drugstore aisle—at point of purchase, you would be confident you chose wisely.

Proof-of-Concept Experience

Because we designed the RegTech ONE platform to conform via configuration to your needs and processes, we start the conversation by learning about your processes and frustrations relative to your AML Compliance and GRC commitments. And with a demo configured specifically for you, you will see in real time how RegTech ONE handles your own work and solves your own pain points. You will experience the start of your new RegTech ONE world, a world light years beyond out-of-the-box applications.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Providing Proof of Concept is just one part of our efforts to meet the needs of our customers. We work with a top strategic partner to provide hosting and server management in any cloud that a customer chooses.  And we can provide application managed services, as well. Customers who choose application managed services can access a one-on-one expert to design and create new workflows, expand the institution’s Network of Applications, and configure and manage their Ecosystem of Permissioned Data.

In today’s world of Choice Overload at every turn, Proof of Concept demonstrations can be a game-changer. And it’s a core feature of us at AML Partners striving to meet the needs of our varied customers.


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